Tag: sleiktunge


  • Goblinland

    h2. Søndre Goblinland (under Jarntopp) Slettene under Jarntopp er åstad for fleire av Kramgards større goblinstammer, blant anna Sleiktungene, Kjøtmomsane og Akkarplystrarane. h3. Sleiktungene Leia av Hovding Bukgrums, ligg mot våtmyrene . Gode …

  • Reta Storslem

    Reta likes to torment small, harmless animals and usually has a pocket full of such creatures in case she gets bored. She finds it hard not to shout when she speaks, and loves taking risks in combat to scare her enemies.

  • Poog of Zarongel

    Poog is a frightening little cleric of the goblin deity Zarongel, the sacred god of dog-killing, fire, and most holy mounted combat. That Poog isn’t very good at mounted combat is his not-so-secret shame, so he funnels most of his energy into attempts to …

  • Mogmyrk

    Ten-year-old Mogmurch is deranged. Mogmurch lives with his mate Rempty, who has an irritating habit of licking his face clean in public (especially when he leaves the village). She thinks his use of alchemy is very clever, and while she loves the flavor …